CT48239 - verified-icon
Last Login : 04-07-20
Male, Age: 27
1-2 Years Exp.
Qualification M.sc, B.ed
Speak Languages Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Afternoon
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII, Degree,Engineering,Languages
@ Online : Via Skype / Other Online Tools
Description :
I can take any challenge in my subject
CT46888 - verified-icon
Last Login : 08-11-19
Male, Age: 21
1-6 Months Exp.
Qualification B.tech+mba
Speak Languages Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening/Afternoon
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII,Engineering
@StudentHome Govind Nagar-302002, Ghati Karolan-302002,Transport Nagar-302007
Description :
I am pursuing btech & mba integrated course having various skills i also have international experience at south korean university
CT44546 - verified-icon
Last Login : 05-05-19
Male, Age: 30
10+ Years Exp.
Qualification B.Tech
Speak Languages Hindi,English,Bengali
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII, Degree,Engineering,Entrance exams
@StudentHome Paldi Meena-302031
Description :
vast experience in teaching
CT41058 - verified-icon
Last Login : 02-11-18
Male, Age: 24
6-12 Months Exp.
Qualification Mcom
Speak Languages Hindi
Timings Morning/Afternoon
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,Languages,Computer Courses
@StudentHome Paldi Meena-302031, Sumel-302031,Govind Nagar-302002
Description :
To achieve my targets I always stick to my words if I am not then my words are nothing more than lies to me.
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Last Login : 18-10-18
Female, Age: 22
1-2 Years Exp.
Qualification MSc pursuing
Speak Languages
Timings Morning/Evening/Afternoon
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII
@TutorHome Transport Nagar - 302007,Jaipur
@StudentHome Transport Nagar-302007
Description :
Creative , attractive , intelligent,high catching power
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