CT42282 - verified-icon
Last Login : 31-07-19
Female, Age: 26
2-3 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification B.Tech, Aeronautical
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII,Engineering,Entrance Exams
@StudentHome Guindy-600032,West Saidapet-600015
Description :
I was born and brought up in Hanamkonda, during my schooling I developed a keen interest in Aeronautics. Due to this, I did my undergrad at Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology , where I pursued a degree in Aeronautical engineering. In my curriculum, I found the areas of aerodynamics and mathematics particularly interesting because they helped me develop a skill set in critical thinking. Apart from my curriculum, I engaged in teaching and explaining doubts of my friends. I was drawn to these because they were in line with my interests such as teaching while learning and in hindsight I think I have developed good communication skills . I am also extremely passionate about teaching which I have been pursuing for a very long time.
CHT42968 - verified-icon
Last Login : 05-09-18
Male, Age: 59
Rating : 0
Qualification B.com
Speak Languages Tamil
Timings Afternoon/Evening
Tutoring Levels Degree
@StudentHome Besant Nagar-600090
Description :
Good in explaining concepts.
CHT33729 - verified-icon
Last Login : 15-04-19
Male, Age: 26
7-8 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification Be
Speak Languages Tamil
Timings Morning
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII,Engineering
@StudentHome Guindy-600032,Kotturpuram-600085,Adyar-600020
Description :
I always give a quality education
CHT38591 - verified-icon
Last Login : 26-05-19
Male, Age: 29
4-5 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification B.Tech, PhD (pursuing)
Speak Languages Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening/Afternoon
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII,Engineering,Entrance Exams
@StudentHome Guindy-600032,West Saidapet-600015,Kotturpuram-600085,Velachery-600042,Adyar-600020,Taramani-600113,Thiruvanmiyur-600217,Mandaveli-600028,Ekkatuthangal-600106
Description :
I have about 5 years of teaching experience as a home tutor for Maths and Physics as well as I am taking classes in coaching centers in Velachery. I train students for their board exam as well as for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. I teach from basics and give individual attention to my students for their academic growth. I conduct regular tests and special classes to increase their interest in subject. I encourage and make students practice numerical based problems in the subjects.
CHT42742 - verified-icon
Last Login : 22-09-18
Male, Age: 29
1-2 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification M.E.,
Speak Languages Tamil
Timings Evening
Tutoring Levels Engineering
@StudentHome Guindy-600032,Kotturpuram-600085,Velachery-600042
Description :
I am self motivated and curious about knowing different things.
CHT43660 - verified-icon
Last Login : 09-12-18
Female, Age: 39
3-4 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification M Sc Mathematics
Speak Languages Hindi,Tamil
Timings Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X
@TutorHome Velachery - 600042,Chennai
Description :
Have 18 yrs of professional experience and a 3 year teaching experience.
CHT45275 - verified-icon
Last Login : 02-01-19
Male, Age: 34
10+ Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification MscBEd
Speak Languages Tamil,English
Timings Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII
@StudentHome Velachery-600042,Raja AnnamalaiPuram-600028,Adyar-600020
Description :
I am working in shikshaa school in hasthinapuram near chrompet.I am handle all higher mathematics specially CBSE mathematics and 5 years experience in CBSE maths 10 years experience in STATE BOARd maths and 2years experience in IGCSE and ICSE. I give centum result to every year. I teach maths very easy way and definitely i will give good mathematics because i love mathematics.
CHT38742 - verified-icon
Last Login : 12-07-18
Female, Age: 30
1-2 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification bsc biotechnology,MBA marketing HR
Speak Languages Tamil
Timings Afternoon/Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII
@StudentHome Raja AnnamalaiPuram-600028,Besant Nagar-600090,Adyar-600020
Description :
i am currently preparing for civil services exam,can handle any subjects.i habe 2 years tutoring experience
CT39045 - verified-icon
Last Login : 25-07-18
5-6 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification Pg MMM bca
Speak Languages Tamil,Marathi
Timings Afternoon/Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels KG-V,Languages
@TutorHome Besant Nagar - 600090,Chennai
@StudentHome Besant Nagar-600090,Taramani-600113,Thiruvanmiyur-600217
Description :
Very experienced professional with 6 years of experience in teaching in coaching institute and home tuition.expertise in dealing with students good councellor and subject matter expert in all subjects.can take tution up till class 8 students.special attention in Hindi maths
CT39676 - verified-icon
Last Login : 18-08-18
Female, Age: 23
2-3 Years Exp.
Rating : 0
Qualification B.sc maths
Speak Languages
Timings Evening
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X
@StudentHome Raja AnnamalaiPuram-600028,Besant Nagar-600090
Description :
Am a mathematics graduate have experience in taking tution for 3yrs . Now am house wife