CT52851 - verified-icon
Last Login : 31-07-21
Male, Age: 48
20+ Years Exp.
Qualification PG
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII, Degree,Entrance exams,Languages
@TutorHome Kanuru - 520007,Vijayawada
@StudentHome Kanuru-520007
Description :
Coached several students to reach their ultimate goal. Many students secured ranks in prestigious competitive examinations as well as in US ( AP Physics and AP Mathematics ).
CT49955 - verified-icon
Last Login : 24-08-20
Male, Age: 35
6-7 Years Exp.
Qualification Msc
Speak Languages Telugu
Timings Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels XI-XII,Entrance exams
@StudentHome Ashok Nagar-520007,Tulasi Nagar-520010,Poranki-521137
Description :
I have 6 years of teaching experience in a reputed Institute
CT48270 - verified-icon
Last Login : 05-07-20
Female, Age: 25
4-5 Years Exp.
Qualification Bsc computers
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,Entrance exams,Languages
@TutorHome Benz Circle - 520010,Vijayawada
@StudentHome Benz Circle-520010
Description :
I am a graduate in bsc computer science, and I have been preparing for Bank exams ,I can teach upto 10th standard cbse & state syllabus also in addition to that I can teach apptitude, reasoning also,we are teaching at our home from 4 years
CT46523 - verified-icon
Last Login : 30-09-19
Male, Age: 36
8-9 Years Exp.
Qualification M. Tech
Speak Languages Telugu,English
Timings Afternoon
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII, Degree,Engineering,Entrance exams
@TutorHome Gunadala - 520004,Vijayawada
@StudentHome Yenamalakuduru-520007, Ashok Nagar-520007, Auto Nagar-520007
Description :
BJECTIVE: To seek a challenging position in a professional organization which utilizes my knowledge and technical expertise and where I can work with enthusiasm and aggressiveness, which gives me job satisfaction
CT46186 - verified-icon
Last Login : 12-09-19
Male, Age: 39
10+ Years Exp.
Qualification Msc
Speak Languages Telugu,English
Timings Morning
Tutoring Levels XI-XII,Entrance exams
@StudentHome Auto Nagar-520007, Kanuru-520007, Benz Circle-520010
Description :
I have 13years experience in teaching in various colleges like srichaitanya,Narayana
CT45039 - verified-icon
Last Login : 06-06-19
Male, Age: 42
20+ Years Exp.
Qualification M.Sc.,M.Ed
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII,Entrance exams
@StudentHome Ashok Nagar-520007, Benz Circle-520010,Poranki-521137
Description :
I have 21 years experience.
CT43517 - verified-icon
Last Login : 30-03-19
Male, Age: 23
2-3 Years Exp.
Qualification B tech
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,Tamil,English
Timings Afternoon/Evening
Tutoring Levels XI-XII,Engineering,Entrance exams,Computer Courses
@TutorHome Bharathi Nagar - 520008,Vijayawada
@StudentHome Sanath Nagar-520007, Ashok Nagar-520007, Krishnanagar-520007
Description :
Worked at Accenture for 1 year. Gate 2019 CSIT RANK -2814. We can be a better learner when we share our knowledge
CT42703 - verified-icon
Last Login : 16-03-19
Male, Age: 40
15+ Years Exp.
Qualification Msc; BEd
Speak Languages Telugu,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII, Degree,Entrance exams
@TutorHome Yenamalakuduru - 520007,Vijayawada
@StudentHome Kanuru-520007
Description :
I have been working in Junior college and high school since 2002
CT39934 - verified-icon
Last Login : 23-08-18
Male, Age: 30
5-6 Years Exp.
Qualification M.S.Pharma
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,Tamil
Timings Morning
Tutoring Levels Degree,Entrance exams,Languages,gre-gmat-toefl-ielts,Medicine
@StudentHome Kanuru-520007, Benz Circle-520010,Poranki-521137
@ Online : Via Skype / Other Online Tools
Description :
I am Ravikumar.K from Vijayawada. I had training and home tuition experience along with scientific Research and Pharma Industry Experience with Exposure about the world, I can guide and mentor the students to achieve success in their pursuits and eq more ......
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