CT51021 Monica

Gender : Female, Age : 20 Yrs

Experience : 2-3 Years

Qualification : BCA

About Me :
Hello mam/sir,I Would worked in Global art institute for part time at Aynavaram for 3years experience. I have tutored in Maths as well as calculus.i have helped students learn to analyze the Maths topics. Through these tutoring and counselling positions,I have learner how to best teach each age group.i am passionate about helping students improve in all academic subjects.I still remember my excitement when my calculus student received his first " A" On quiz! I am confident that my passion and experience are the qualities you are looking for at Tutor corps. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, S.Monica

My Tutoring Level

Classes Groups Subjects
1st-Class,2nd-Class,3rd-Class,4th-Class,5th-Class Science, Languages, General Science, Environmental Science, Computers,Mathematics,English, Tamil,Social Studies, Phonics And Writing, Home/Project Works
8th-Class,7th-Class,9th-Class,6th-Class Languages, General English, Tamil,Home/Project Works, Social Studies, Calligraphy, Geography, Histroy
Programming Languages Basics of JAVA, Advanced JAVA,Basics of C History and Features of Java, Difference between JDK, Internal Details of JVM, Variable and Data Type, Unicode System, Design Pattern, IDE, Servers, Web Technology,Introduction and First Program, Variables and Data types, Console IO Operations, Operators and Expressions, Control Flow Statements

My Timings / Schedule

Frequency Weekdays  Available Weekends  Available
Preferable Timings Morning   Afternoon   Evenings  
Week Days  Not Available  Not Available 5:30 PM to  Available
Weekends 11:00 AM to  Available 12:30 AM to  Available  Not Available

Languages I Speak


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@ My Home
Ayanavaram - 600023,Chennai
@ Student Home
Anna Nagar Extension-600101,Anna Nagar-600040,Kilpauk-600010 - Chennai