CT49217 Jacob

Gender : Male, Age : 32 Yrs

Experience : 5-6 Years

Qualification : M.E

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8th-Class,7th-Class,9th-Class,6th-Class,10th-Class Science, General Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Computers,Home/Project Works, Social Studies, Calligraphy, Geography, Histroy
11th-Class, 12th-Class General Political Science, Psychology, Geography, History, Legal Studies,Statistics,Psychology
M.tech,B.tech/B.E. Mechanical, Industrial Engineering,General Subjects Fluid Mechanics,Thermodynamics, Solid Mechanics, Engineering Materials, HSS Elective, Machine Drawing, Design of Machine Elements, Mechanical Measurements, Heat and Mass Transfer, Control Systems, Applied Thermodynamics, Kinematics of Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Machine Design,Applied engineering statistics, Quality management systems, Maintenance Engineering, Quality Assurance and Control, Engineering Experimental Design, Lean operations and management, Engineering Logistics, Integrated product development, Computer-Aided Design, Operations management, Poduct lifecycle & development Management, Spply chain management, Introduction to six sigma, Robust Design, Sustainable manufacturing, Advanced Topics in Reliability & Quality Control,Engineering Graphics, E.V.S, Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Science Mathematics

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